About | Honey Mark.

The Honey Mark Mission

Our goal is to empower women by
creating the ultimate fashion "sweet spot"
at the intersection of form + function

We firmly believe in building products
that fuel confidence, spark joy, and
inspire fearless memory-making

We're built by a woman for women to challenge the standards of swimsuits,
provide comfort and confidence, and inspire the making of more memories.
Our designs are totally original and created by our founder, Hayley Clark,
who's a mom of three kids with no professional training in design or fashion merchandising,
but has a huge passion for helping other women be their best selves.

Our swimsuits are made to be versatile and effortless. No more baggy T-shirts,
extra cover-ups, and awkward holes or strings or clasps! Just swimwear
rich in comfort, style and practicality.