the honey mark mission

you know how you're always wishing you had something to wear that was more comfortable than jeans but dressier than leggings?

or how you're always wondering why you can't seem to find cute, nursing-friendly dresses?

or how you're always worrying about swimsuits because bikinis aren't cutting it but neither are your tankini top and running shorts?

we get that too! so, now we make all the things you're always looking for - we make pieces that are functional, flattering, cute and comfortable!


hi, i'm hayley

meet the mom
behind the designs

Honey Mark is built by a woman for women to challenge the standards of clothing and swimsuits and accessories.

All of our designs are totally original and created by our founder, Hayley Clark, who's a mom of four kids and always on the hunt for clothing that just makes sense, and when she can't find it, she designs it.

Hayley's goal is to provide comfort + confidence, to inspire other women to make more memories without fear or discomfort holding them back.


suits that do more than swim

Our swimleisure is made to be versatile and effortless. No more baggy t-shirts, extra cover-ups and awkward holes or strings or clasps! Just swimwear rich in comfort, style and practicality.

everyday essentials

elevated closet staples for anywhere

Our everyday essentials are just that- foundational pieces for your perfect wardrobe. Think breathable fabrics, versatile styles (that stretch with you), and nursing-friendly necklines.

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